So, our buddy The Listener calls us up and says “Hey, I’m going to be in Brooklyn in April, let’s do a show and let’s do the show in your apartment” after a brief pause and then another brief pause to think how ridiculous it is to actually have to think about accepting an offer like this, we quickly responded, “YES!” So there you have it folks, Deviant Decorum is going to throw you a little show, in our apartment, it’s a loft so don’t worry about standing on couches to make enough room and it’s going to be on April 10th. Yes, it’s a Thursday, but we’re starting it at 8pm. There will be food, beer, a live interactive art wall and of course, Listener Project performing live. Also, as an added bonus Holy Eyes, a group from the Netherlands will be opening. For those of you who haven’t heard of Listener Project and his unique brand of Talk Music check out this link to learn more and hear some tracks. They just finished an amazing run at SXSW to much acclaim and positive press. Trust us, they’re good, really fxcking good. To find out how to get to our humble home for this amazing show email us. So remember, April 10th, 8pm, you, us and Listener Project. This show will also benefit our dear friend who is riding solo from coast to coast on his bicycle to raise money for the Lance Armstrong Foundation through a suggested donation of $5. So email us already and come over for what’s sure to be a great show, with great people and a great cause.


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  1. Lacie Says:

    wow! awesome! wish I was going to be there!
    how can I donate to Jesse?

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