DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT sleep on this. This is a limited engagement that is a turntablist wet dream of epic proportions. DJ SHADOW has teamed up with CUT CHEMIST and are currently touring their live show “The Hard Sell” with only a few dates left on the roster. This incredibly inventive show presents live mixes only using original vintage 45’s (bonkers, i know), 8 turntables, 4 mixers, guitar peddles, effects box and visual projections that mix in live video of the masters at work. These guys are living legends of the genre. If you live within 300 miles of any of these cities go to this show. Go. Now. Buy Tickets. Shush…I don’t want hear any excuses. You will thank me. Still Pondering? What did I say? No excuses! I’m going to be at this show tonight in the epicenter of tight jean hipsterdom where most will act like they are too cool for it, even though they bought tickets. Where the words, “why isn’t he, like, using cd’s. They totally sound better” will be heard at least twice. Where many, who just stole their parents records out of the basement and now call it their “collection”, will be posturing about “b-sides” while muttering, “I have that track” after a positive crowd reaction. Where boisterous stories of turntablism that begin with, “I was DJ’ing this party” leave out the other half of the sentence “at my friends house” will fill the night air. All this, rolled into one, with some chick screaming the whole time on her cell phone trying to find her friends, and I’M STILL FUCKING EXCITED TO GO! So no excuses. Go to the website. Tickets. Thank me later. Check out some of the videos from the tour by clicking that link right HERE:


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