So, as many of you already know Jay-Z is releasing Blueprint 3. If only Brett Favre was so lucky when going in and out of retirement. The rumors have been confirmed and at the Kanye West show at Madison Square Garden on 8/6/08 it was officially christened by the Jigga man himself. I originally was going to pass on posting this because 1. I’m not really into the whole mainstream rap game and 2. even kids with dial-up has already posted on this BUT then I heard the whole track, courtesy of DJ Lorenzo, Saturday night at Madame X. The track is hot, like really, really hot. Like so hot, those in the place had a moment together hot, with unified head bobs and women with confused faces as their hips uncontrollably moved as if some magic power took over their body. Ok, enough. The official video leak from that night at The Garden is above. The full version of Jockin’ Jay-Z (Dope Boy Fresh) you can hear when you click that link right HERE:

ALSO, First person to tell me the name and the artist that inspired the hook for this song will win some swag.


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