On August 22nd, 2008 Nike will unveil it’s new flagship store in SoHo dedicated to Nike Sportswear line that was birthed earlier this year. Located on 21 Mercer Street, the store will be the only one in the world that will carry the whole Nike Sportswear collection in its entirety. Nike Sportswear Mercer Street will also house the Bespoke program which allows consumers to interact with Nike designers for full customization of footwear as well as products that are exclusive to the store itself. Nike will host a block party on August 21st in celebration of the Grand Opening with presentations from people way cooler than myself. Early reports aka walking by the store on my way home from work, have spotted a line already forming of the young and dedicated and sometimes delusional sneakerheads. Maybe they will make smores with graham crackers shaped like dunks, over a campfire fueled by old shoe boxes their parents made them throw out. And yes, I do consider myself a bit of a sneakerhead too, but camping out for days?!?!, somebody has got to remind these kids that 1. this behavior is not conducive to getting a girlfriend and 2. when it’s all said done, they’re just shoes. There, I said it. More pictures showing the interior of the store when you click that link:

Source: Hypebeast


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    You’re Awesome!

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