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September 20, 2008

Okay, so this opening was last week, but got swamped so bad with the Clark Kent job that I didn’t have time to sit down between then and now.  But, the crew rolled uptown to the Hasted Hunt Gallery in Chelsea to grab some free drinks and check out fashion photographer Michael Thomspon’s new show that opened on Sept. 11th.  This is Michael’s first solo show in the US, with an opening heavily attended by those involved in the fashion world, you know the people always listed in the inside cover of fashion magazines… the liner notes people…yeah, them.  A few celebs even peaked their heads out, like Julia Roberts, Kiefer Sutherland and Captain Orange Crocs Chef Mario Batalli.  Moving like a little tornado through the crowd was Jed Root (Michaels agent), in full cheek kissing support of his number one.  Jed was so busy making his way to Jack Bauer (Kiefer), to probably help him save the world or something, that a few of us got the Up-Rooted by the man representing the man of the hour.  All in all it seemed that people were much more interested about talking to each other than what was hanging on the walls, which seemed more like an editorial than an art show.  But, I could be completely off, a lot of people are praising it.  You can judge for yourself as the show runs through Oct. 25th at Hasted Hunt, 529 W 20th Street.  To more see pictures of the opening night, the celebs who attended, the man of the hour and our new personal favorite Jed, just follow the jump when you click right HERE: (more…)



September 11, 2008

With the opening of the Manifest Hope Gallery Shepard Fairey in his usual gallery opening antics wheat-pasted the town red, as the pro-Obama art show ran simutaniously in Denver.  Supposidly Shep and his crew doned in all black were arrested for putting up the now famous Hope/Progress Posters and held for 16 hours for posting bills and “interference” .  With a $140 fine to add to the collection and 6 months of unsupervised probation, we predict Mr. Fairey will be back on the street and getting up on every surface in about .0003743726347 seconds.  There’s a video of Shep himself telling the story about his arrest here.  BUT WAIT, there’s more, so much more, to this two part post.  For those of you who haven’t made it to the Manifest Hope Gallery, which is probably most of us, there are A TON of pictures after the jump of the work that is hanging.  All you gotta do is click that link right here: (more…)