Was that a pun in the title? Oh yes, I do beleive it was a little pun pun, maybe even two two.  So, these ice cube trays pop out cold shells, in the shape AK47 shaped ice bullets.  Maybe not practical, but a complete neccessity.  The tray is sort of a James Bond esque accessory mixed with a dash of Rambo.  For future knowledge, whenever I refer to James Bond, it’s Connery James Bond. Also, if I refer to Rambo or Rocky for that matter, it’s always the pre-Tango and Cash, Stallone.  Seriously, Tango and Cash was the starting point of a downhill slide for Sly. I mean, come on, Spykids? Rocky in fucking Spykids?!?…ridiculous.  And, if you try to say Judge Dredd was a good movie, stop reading and take a nap, you’re tired.  The same goes if you think that anyone else was a better Bond than Connery. Remember The Hunt for Red October, when we all let him slide on being the captain of a Russian submarine with a Scottish accent?  And why did we let him slide? He’s James fucking Bond, that’s why.  Enough said.  So, back to the ice cube tray, it’s currently available for presale through this website and has yet to announce an official release date to the public.  But, please be aware before purchasing this product that you are going to have to listen to people say, “This is one killer drink”, over and over and over and…….


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