This is a great take on the Puma ads for olympian Usain Bolt that were flipped by an unkown artist into an Obama poster,  via Wooster Collective.  With the election tomorrow, we here at Deviant Decorum would like to ask you to please vote.  It matters now more than ever before…after you vote take the rest off the day off work because of the “long lines” and get some yum yum.

Also, please be aware that if you live in Delaware, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Vermont you CAN NOT show up to the polls wearing any apparel or accessory that is for or against the nominee’s.  You will be asked to remove all articles or turn your shirts inside out.   Considering the amount of artists and designers who have released clothing in support of Obama, this is well worth mentioning.

Did anyone else catch Chris Rock on Larry King talking about the election?  Peep a clip, it was pretty good:


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