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July 30, 2008

Timbaland, aka Timothy Z. Mosley, who is responsible for more young girls “shakin’ what their momma gave them”, than any other current producer, has been coming under fire for the orgins of his charts topping tracks. He is writing it off as sampling, while others are calling foul by the heavy audible likeness to other pre-existing songs by other artits. Now we all know that P-Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean “we don’t care about your fuckin’ name anymore” Combs, used to take old funk and disco songs and throw a Biggie verse over it and collect the cash, but he paid for the rights, right? Okay, So Timbaland is being accused of not just sampling, but beatjacking whole songs and throwing a couple snaps/effects over it and calling it a day. If you are into The Hip-Hop Music, you understand the idea of sampling, if you don’t, get a DJ Shadow album and you will be well versed in an hour. Sampling usually consists of small pieces from pre-existing records to create a new sound landscape that can be and most of the time is mixed with original beats made by the producer. So, does taking whole phrases still fall under the definition of sampling? Probably not Mr. Timbaland, especially when the original artists are not compensated for their artistic property. Small sound bits/samples are understandable, it’s Hip-Hop, comes with the territory.  But, for the money he makes, we feel jacking whole songs is lazy and makes you look tired…get some rest Timbo. So, our Flat Brimmed Salute is to you Timbaland, for the Fuck Up of the Week. More videos of this topic when you clink that link right HERE: (more…)



May 6, 2008

I got to give it up to the boys at Satchel of Gravel for catching this amazing blunder. So, A-Trak, you know Kid-Sister’s boy and Kanye’s touring DJ who did floor banging remixes for MSTKRFT and countless others. Also the same guy who won the DMC Turntablist World Championship at the age of 15 and toured with probably the best DJ crew there ever was, The Invisibl Skratch Piklz. The same A-Trak who also has designs with New Era, Kid Robot and Zoo York. Can you tell that I’m building up to something? So a new collaboration T-Shirt has been released with Korectnuss in which they completely spelled his name wrong . Check the picture above. Correct spelling, A-Trak, the way they spelled it, A-Track. The best part is High Snobiety (the streetwear guru’s) didn’t catch it either when they posted about the collaboration on their website saying “Last year DJ A-Track and Skoold In Korektnuss (actually spelled Korectnuss) collaborated on a New Era cap. They back this summer with a couple of t-shirts. The t-shirts feature both A-Tracks signature and his slogan, Sunglasses is a Must.” Somebody really did their research…whoops. So, the Deviant Decorum flat brimmed salute is to you Korectnuss, for the Fuck Up of the Week.

Source: Satchel of Gravel