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January 25, 2009


Yo, if you are anywhere in the vacinity of LA, even San Diego should roll to this, from February 1st through the 28th, you have to check out Estevan Oriol’s retrospective, “This is Los Angeles”.  I can’t even begin to tell you about how legit this guy is.  He was a bouncer in LA, who started hanging out with Cyrpress Hill and then became House of Pain’s tour manager, where he first picked up a camera to take pictures of all the crazy shit happening on the road.  He returned to East LA and started taking pictures of his neighborhood, portraits of the gansters who lived there and what eventually developed out of that was raw, gritty and really fucking good.  Oriol’s obvious talent exploded onto the scene where he hooked up with the iconic tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon and formed the JOKER brand.  Now, Oriol is shooting celebs, ad’s, directing video’s and film, as well as continuing to shoot photos of and in the hood.  Fucking legit, right?  If you want to see more on Estevan, I suggest watching The Run Up dvd and check his section in there.  Oriol and Mr. Cartoon hold it down in that movie like whoa. So, head over to SURU on 7622 Melrose between Farifax and La Brea, the show opens Feb. 1st and runs through the 28th.  SURU is also doing a limited edition tee, you can also cop some Estevan shirts at Upper Playground.   Don’t miss this.  Till then here’s his website and a few examples of his work:streetlife21streetlife5por_tbpub_ma_kw



January 5, 2009

The new Owen/Anniston film “Marley” hit theater’s on Christmas and a vandal in LA decided to give the heads up to would be movie goer’s about the “plot twist” in this family feel good comedy by painting “The Dog Dies”, on billboard and street level advertisements.  Maybe it was Angelina Jolie with a spray can and a little bit of vengeance for ol’ Jennifer Anniston.  Whoever it was, I hope they do that Will Smith movie “7 Pounds” next, because there is no way I want to spend $12, to sit and wait an hour and a half to just find out why he is helping people.




March 11, 2008


At the ripe old age of 26, Sylvia Ji open a show title “Por Vida” at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles. Ji’s latest works of acrylic on wood, depict hauntingly beautiful woman with painted faces resembling those seen in the Mexican holiday, The Day of the Dead (El Día de los Muertos). With evident sexual provocation mixed with trepidation, represented by the insects and face paint, mixed in with the vibrant colors, it gives the on-looker a sense of an alluring uneasiness. To put it simply, “Yo…this girl can paint!” For some added emphasis you can say “This girl can paayynnt” as not to lose any street credibility when interprating art. To see some more of her work from this sold out show click on the “read the rest of the entry” link right HERE: (more…)


February 29, 2008


Street art superstar Shepard Fairey continued his politikin’ pilgrimage by going big for Barack Obama when he unveiled a billboard yesterday on the Obama campaign headquarters in Los Angeles. Previous to this recent display, on Jan. 25th, Shep stated on his website, “I believe with great conviction that Barack Obama should be the next President. I have been paying close attention to him since the Democratic convention in 2004. I feel that he is more a statesman than a politician.” He paired this declaration with the release of campaign posters designed by the artist himself adorned with the words “Hope” and “Progress”. Shortly after the release of the posters, Fairey combined forces with The 008 and Upper Playground to create t-shirts mirroring the campaign posters. A statement on Upper Playground’s website said “We at Upper Playground are pleased to announce our support of Barack Obama in 2008. For too long we have been plagued by mediocrity and incompetence at the Executive level. As an international company, we feel that it is time to support a candidate that truly embodies the American spirit in both his campaign and his ideologies. We believe that Barack Obama is that candidate.” On Feb. 25th, 1,000 t-shirts and over 10,000 posters were sent to Obama supporters in Ohio and Texas to promote Obama’s candidacy in their upcoming primaries. Shepard Fairey and Upper Playground are releasing the same t-shirts at the Upper Playground stores and through All proceeds from the sales of the collaborative Obama shirt will go to creating more campaign t-shirts, posters and stickers by Shep along with other artists in support of Obama’s run for President. The t-shirts will be ready for purchase on February 27th. To see what the campaign posters looks like, click that link right HERE: (more…)