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January 30, 2009


SIKE!!!!  That would be funny shit though.  That line-up is like the failing economy hits music festival line-up.  Here’s the real one:




January 13, 2009

We crack a lot of jokes on this site while bringing you content and about the content we bring, but there are times to be completely serious and this is one of those times.  Although Oakland does not have the best reputation, there is no reason for this:

When Oscar Grant, a 22 year old unarmed man is shot in the back by police while he’s lying face down in a train station and handcuffed,  a call to action is a gigantic understatement of what needs to be done.

This is not a shooting.  It is a murder by those with badges.  There is no justification for lethal force when a man is face down and pinned by two police officers.  None.  Why haven’t you heard of this yet?  Because the national media still has yet to bring light to this tragedy and local Oakland authorities are trying to keep it under wraps.  Fortunately, the incident was caught on two separate cameras and have been spreading like wildfire on the internet.  Watch both videos, so you can feel this in your gut and take five minutes to forward this on to a friend and make some calls and send some emails and get the word out about this before it’s swept under the carpet, again. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -MLK Jr.

Here are a few things you can do right now from

1. Digg the story so that the national media can pick up on it. Here’s a link:

2. Contact BART Director Carole Ward Allen and demand that 1) the officers involved be taken off duty without pay and charged and fully prosecuted; 2) there be an independent investigation of the shooting that includes a review of training and hiring practices; and 3) BART establish an independent residents’ review board for the police Call her at 510-464-6095 or email the BART Directors at

3. Call the BART police to complain about the officers’ conduct and demand immediate action: Internal Affairs: Sergeant David Chlebowski 510.464.7029,; Chief of Police: Gary Gee 510.464.7022,

4. Talk it up on your blogs, networks and talk radio shows.  Forward this to people you know.  Spread the word.


December 4, 2008


“Tonight, FIFTY24SF is hosting two blockbuster shows. Jeremy Fish will be showing “Ghosts of the Barbary Coast” in the upstairs gallery. His show features over 35 new works, inspired by hoodlum’s and harlot’s, cataloging the history of San Francisco. Miss Van is showing “Still A Little Magic,” bringing her infamous “poupees” into the world of theater and charade under the big top tents. The shows open December 4th and run through December 30th.”

Opening Reception:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

7–9:30 PM

248 & 252 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94133



November 5, 2008


I have never been so proud and humbled, than at this moment, to call myself an American.

Thank You.

“…while we still breath, there’s hope.”


August 19, 2008

I just saw this movie. It left me in a reflective state for a good two hours after I saw it. It’s beautiful and amazing and passionate and…..that’s all I have to say. See it when you can. Here’s the synopsis:

“Beautiful Losers celebrates the spirit behind one of the most influential cultural movements of a generation. In the early 1990’s a loose-knit group of likeminded outsiders found common ground at a little NYC storefront gallery. Rooted in the DIY (do-it-yourself) subcultures of skateboarding, surf, punk, hip hop & graffiti, they made art that reflected the lifestyles they led. Developing their craft with almost no influence from the “establishment” art world, this group, and the subcultures they sprang from, have now become a movement that has been transforming pop culture. Starring a selection of artists who are considered leaders within this culture, Beautiful Losers focuses on the telling of personal stories…speaking to themes of what happens when the outside becomes “in” as it explores the creative ethos connecting these artists and today’s youth.”

For screenings and other info visit their website.


August 18, 2008

“71% of adults used to play on the streets when they were young. 21% of children do so now. Are we designing children and play out of the public realm?

This project is a study into different ways of bringing play back into public space. It focuses on ways of incorporating incidental play in the public realm by not so much as having separate play equipment that dictates the users but by using existing furniture and architectural elements that indicate playful behaviour for all.

It asks us to question the current framework for public space and whether it is sufficient while also giving permission for young people to play in public.

Play as you go…” Bruno Taylor.

Source: Pixelsumo


August 4, 2008

Hot off the presses aka first thing in our inbox this morning, was a press release from Evolutionary Media Group announcing today that Shepard Fairey and have joined forces to create the “Manifest Hope Gallery” in Denver, CO. Strategically opening in time for the Democratic National Convention this gallery will not only host work of Shepard but also include other famed artists and…you! Or possibly you. If you’re dope. Because there is also a design contest as well, with super star judges. I’m getting my Crayola’s ready right now, see you at the finish line. Holla!

Excerpts from the original Press Release:

“, artist Shepard Fairey and Upper Playground announced today that they will join forces to host the “Manifest Hope Art Gallery” ( at the Democratic National Convention. The gallery, open from Sunday, August 24 through Thursday, August 28 2008, will feature both known and new artists all supporting Barack Obama for President. “

“The groups also launched a related contest today, calling for entries of visual art from grassroots supporters of Senator Obama. Similar to’s “Obama in 30 seconds” contest, the submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges including famed artists Ross Bleckner, April Gornik, Eric Fischl, Shepard Fairey, musicians Moby, Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and DJ Spooky and Cydney Payton – Executive Director & Chief Curator Museum of Modern Art Denver, and Nancy Spector – Author & Guggenheim Curator of Contemporary Art. Five finalists will be selected to show in the MANIFEST HOPE Gallery alongside well-known artists such as Shepard Fairey, Sam Flores, Ron English, Chris Pastras, Mel Kadel and David Choe.”

“The Manifest Hope Gallery will be housed in 10,000 sq. ft. of gallery space in downtown Denver. It will show some of the most widely recognized art pieces seen in the 2008 presidential campaign and a wide variety of new works by famed artists.”

“The top 30 submissions to the Manifest Hope Gallery contest will present their works in an on-line gallery hosted by and Obey Giant. The works will be presented to the public for bidding as an eBay auction with all funds donated to the MoveOn PAC.”

Manifest Hope Gallery
2990-2936 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205


July 24, 2008

Okay, if you know anyone associated with this little bloggins here, you already know our obsession with Usugrow. We’ve written about him before in this post and he, to say in the most grammatically and politically correct way is, “Sick with it.” Usugrow recently lent his inking style to an actual Vadar helmet at VADAR PROJECT 2008 celebrating the 30th anniversary of Stars Wars in Japan. Check out more pictures when you click that link right HERE: (more…)


July 23, 2008

Those in the back patio of famed sneaker hotspot ALIFE on Monday night knew exactly what they were in for.  This invite only was blessed by the man himself NAS in celebration of his new untitled album, formerly named “Nigger”. NAS performed a full on set wearing non other than his collab parters name across his back, ALIFE. Sincere thanks to MEL D. COLE from Village Slum for the amazing pictures of a rare night in New York City.  More pictures and video when you click that link right HERE: (more…)


May 5, 2008

French electro all-stars JUSTICE just released a video that is a strikingly realistic portrayal of gang activity in the suburbs of Paris. Directed by Romain Gavras, this video is gritty and brutal as it follows a group of French youth through a rampage in the city in branded JUSTICE jackets. I don’t know if this is the official release of this video so there may be changes, but watch it while you can, because it’s probably going to get pulled.