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December 25, 2008

Check out this awesome fan made trailer of the Thundercats.  For fans of the show, like myself this is not real, hence fanmade, but there is rumor of a live action movie that could be ready for release in 2010.  Nevertheless, for being a fan video, this is pretty epic.  All the effects were done frame by frame in Photoshop. The footage was edited in Adobe Premiere. Can you spot where the clips they used are from?  There a couple Chronicles of Riddick’s and some from Troy.  If you can spot others let me know in the comments.  Casting is a s follows:

Brad Pitt as Lion-O
Vin Diesel as Panthro
Gigi Edgley as Cheetara
Hugh Jackman as Tygra



August 19, 2008

I just saw this movie. It left me in a reflective state for a good two hours after I saw it. It’s beautiful and amazing and passionate and…..that’s all I have to say. See it when you can. Here’s the synopsis:

“Beautiful Losers celebrates the spirit behind one of the most influential cultural movements of a generation. In the early 1990’s a loose-knit group of likeminded outsiders found common ground at a little NYC storefront gallery. Rooted in the DIY (do-it-yourself) subcultures of skateboarding, surf, punk, hip hop & graffiti, they made art that reflected the lifestyles they led. Developing their craft with almost no influence from the “establishment” art world, this group, and the subcultures they sprang from, have now become a movement that has been transforming pop culture. Starring a selection of artists who are considered leaders within this culture, Beautiful Losers focuses on the telling of personal stories…speaking to themes of what happens when the outside becomes “in” as it explores the creative ethos connecting these artists and today’s youth.”

For screenings and other info visit their website.


August 18, 2008

So, as many of you already know Jay-Z is releasing Blueprint 3. If only Brett Favre was so lucky when going in and out of retirement. The rumors have been confirmed and at the Kanye West show at Madison Square Garden on 8/6/08 it was officially christened by the Jigga man himself. I originally was going to pass on posting this because 1. I’m not really into the whole mainstream rap game and 2. even kids with dial-up has already posted on this BUT then I heard the whole track, courtesy of DJ Lorenzo, Saturday night at Madame X. The track is hot, like really, really hot. Like so hot, those in the place had a moment together hot, with unified head bobs and women with confused faces as their hips uncontrollably moved as if some magic power took over their body. Ok, enough. The official video leak from that night at The Garden is above. The full version of Jockin’ Jay-Z (Dope Boy Fresh) you can hear when you click that link right HERE:



July 30, 2008

Timbaland, aka Timothy Z. Mosley, who is responsible for more young girls “shakin’ what their momma gave them”, than any other current producer, has been coming under fire for the orgins of his charts topping tracks. He is writing it off as sampling, while others are calling foul by the heavy audible likeness to other pre-existing songs by other artits. Now we all know that P-Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean “we don’t care about your fuckin’ name anymore” Combs, used to take old funk and disco songs and throw a Biggie verse over it and collect the cash, but he paid for the rights, right? Okay, So Timbaland is being accused of not just sampling, but beatjacking whole songs and throwing a couple snaps/effects over it and calling it a day. If you are into The Hip-Hop Music, you understand the idea of sampling, if you don’t, get a DJ Shadow album and you will be well versed in an hour. Sampling usually consists of small pieces from pre-existing records to create a new sound landscape that can be and most of the time is mixed with original beats made by the producer. So, does taking whole phrases still fall under the definition of sampling? Probably not Mr. Timbaland, especially when the original artists are not compensated for their artistic property. Small sound bits/samples are understandable, it’s Hip-Hop, comes with the territory.  But, for the money he makes, we feel jacking whole songs is lazy and makes you look tired…get some rest Timbo. So, our Flat Brimmed Salute is to you Timbaland, for the Fuck Up of the Week. More videos of this topic when you clink that link right HERE: (more…)


July 17, 2008

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT sleep on this. This is a limited engagement that is a turntablist wet dream of epic proportions. DJ SHADOW has teamed up with CUT CHEMIST and are currently touring their live show “The Hard Sell” with only a few dates left on the roster. This incredibly inventive show presents live mixes only using original vintage 45’s (bonkers, i know), 8 turntables, 4 mixers, guitar peddles, effects box and visual projections that mix in live video of the masters at work. These guys are living legends of the genre. If you live within 300 miles of any of these cities go to this show. Go. Now. Buy Tickets. Shush…I don’t want hear any excuses. You will thank me. Still Pondering? What did I say? No excuses! I’m going to be at this show tonight in the epicenter of tight jean hipsterdom where most will act like they are too cool for it, even though they bought tickets. Where the words, “why isn’t he, like, using cd’s. They totally sound better” will be heard at least twice. Where many, who just stole their parents records out of the basement and now call it their “collection”, will be posturing about “b-sides” while muttering, “I have that track” after a positive crowd reaction. Where boisterous stories of turntablism that begin with, “I was DJ’ing this party” leave out the other half of the sentence “at my friends house” will fill the night air. All this, rolled into one, with some chick screaming the whole time on her cell phone trying to find her friends, and I’M STILL FUCKING EXCITED TO GO! So no excuses. Go to the website. Tickets. Thank me later. Check out some of the videos from the tour by clicking that link right HERE: (more…)


June 1, 2008

This may be old news to some but I still want to mention it, Marc Ecko, urban fashion icon and his new website Still Free took Guerilla Marketing to new levels by getting up on Air Force One. Not Air Force 1 like the shoe, but the actual plane that takes our “president” down to Texas so he can work on more important things, like his ranch. Yes, the video looks real and spawned an overwhelming amount of news coverage, but it was all a giant hoax. We got to give it up to the Ecko team for pulling this one off and garnering over 7,000 news stories. Marc Ecko has always been an advocate of graffiti with the nearly shut down Graffiti Block Party that he hosted along with numerous other causes. Check out the website for more explanations, the original video on the AF1 hit and other graffiti related matters. So this week, our flat brimmed salute is to you, Marc Ecko, for fooling the shit out of everybody and always getting the graff kids back.


May 22, 2008

We stumbled across a gem of a video that defines Hip-Hop culture and the culmination of all it’s efforts to “keep it real” even when used in cinema. I think the most important lesson learned is that no matter how “funky” he is ladies, all you need is a friend with magical teenage voodoo powers to make you a rap star too. So, from the Vaults of True Hip-Hop I bring you this scene for your “keeping it real” education, from the critically acclaimed film Teen Witch, we present TOP THAT!

Watch. Learn. Repeat.


May 5, 2008

French electro all-stars JUSTICE just released a video that is a strikingly realistic portrayal of gang activity in the suburbs of Paris. Directed by Romain Gavras, this video is gritty and brutal as it follows a group of French youth through a rampage in the city in branded JUSTICE jackets. I don’t know if this is the official release of this video so there may be changes, but watch it while you can, because it’s probably going to get pulled.


April 23, 2008

This video is from surveillance cameras inside an elevator showing Nicholas White’s 41 hour ordeal while being trapped in his office elevator.

“He was a production manager for Business Week when he left his office about 11 p.m. Friday for a cigarette break. According to the article, it was never determined exactly why the elevator stalled though there was talk of a voltage dip.” -Associated Press