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January 22, 2009

Got this from the boys at Satchel.  Funny shit.  Love the Steve Aoki cameo.  The characters are just like the people who roam down my street every weekend asking for directions to a loft party and then pretend like they didn’t need them anyway.  Like if you go past the Bedford stop on the L train, you enter a cosmic vortex of Brooklyn where there’s no street signs and no rational.  Now you know the reason why I always wear headphones, even if there’s no music playing.



October 7, 2008

On September 20th, the stageFARM threw down big with their Annual SHAKEDOWN fundraiser at The Bell House in Brooklyn.  Up to bat were The Back C.C.’s, Blitz the Ambassador and calling out their current New York City anthem, ‘Rollin’ Down the Street’, were The Kidz in the Hall.  If you haven’t caught any of these acts, it’s well worth clicking on those band links and check their local shows before they blow up.  The SHAKEDOWN was the third installment of an annual fundraiser thrown by the stageFARM, a local theatre company that is well worth peeking at.  Headlining past SHAKEDOWN fundraisers were acts like Spank Rock and Kid Sister.  To put it simply, not only do they throw dope shows, they make them too.  Currently the stageFARM is working on SPIN, a series of five short plays with some heavy hitters of the writing world backing it up.  SPIN runs through November 8th.  As their website says, “We make plays for play-haters.”  So get your culture on, go see their show and get on their mailing list for the next, SHAKEDOWN.  You want to see the Shakedown?  Just peek the gallery when you click: (more…)


July 23, 2008

So, I posted about this show before I even went, because I was so excited. So now I feel like I must do a little diddy of a short re-cap. The Show: Amazing. The Crowd: Surprisingly Cool. Ms. Girl Friday buying mini’s of booze to sneak in: Brilliant. The Cheeseburger for dinner: Blew. Brooklyn Brewery being there to make me forget the cheeseburger that blew: Priceless. The opener for the show was The Mighty Underdogs which contained no other than Captain Blackalicious himself, The Gift of Gab, who surprised everyone when he brought out Mr. Lif for a little collabo. Gab even did Alphabet Acrobatics, if you don’t know that song, you’re tired, go home and get some rest. The show started really late and Girl Friday had to leave early because of work. So I was solo from there on. You know what? I still had a fucking amazing time. That’s a rare experience folks, that and seeing the drunkest couple ever roll around on the ground and dance like cavemen when they first discovered fire (seriously that’s the best analogy I can think of, it was beyond description). Okay, solo at a show, with no money for more beer or snacks (because Girl Friday left) due to my accounts being frozen due to a robbery a while back (fuck those guys) and it still was awesome. Not so awesome: A polish lady getting really mad at you because you realize don’t have enough money to pay for a kielbasa after you order it. The dude who asked me to bum a smoke 3 times. The chick on stilts walking through the crowd and her little friends that kept throwing glowing hula hoops in front of my face. Regardless, still one of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time. So I will say this one last time, if you can catch this show….serious. Check out some pics that I found on the ol’ internets when you click that link right HERE: (more…)