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December 23, 2008

So, I was checking on the Deviant Decorum MySpace page, you should add us, , for updates. Anyway, I was signing into myspace the other day and saw something funny on the home page.  I wonder when they are doing the layout the designers realize the comedy in putting Ashley Simpson Motherhood and a Horror Movie ad on the same little content box, because they do seem like the same thing, right?  Or, was it a little inside joke?  Like, you remember all that crazy stuff hidden stuff in the Disney movies, the priest’s massive boner bouncing around in the Little Mermaid?   So, when I saw this I had good laugh, because after reading the headline, that’s what I felt like on the inside, an attractive, scared, screaming girl…covered in water. picture-11



May 22, 2008

We stumbled across a gem of a video that defines Hip-Hop culture and the culmination of all it’s efforts to “keep it real” even when used in cinema. I think the most important lesson learned is that no matter how “funky” he is ladies, all you need is a friend with magical teenage voodoo powers to make you a rap star too. So, from the Vaults of True Hip-Hop I bring you this scene for your “keeping it real” education, from the critically acclaimed film Teen Witch, we present TOP THAT!

Watch. Learn. Repeat.