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November 12, 2008


This morning I was given a free New York Times with the headline “IRAQ WAR ENDS”.  The paper is dated July 4th, 2009 and in the top left corner the statement, “All the news we hope to print”. This elaborate prank is hitting the busy subway stations of New York this morning and early rumors attribute this elaborate hoax to THE YES MEN, a liberal prank group, who even set up a NY Times mimic website with the stories and links to other liberal organizations.  The 15 page paper is filled with articles and ads all pushing towards a utopian world where war has ended, oil companies are pushing for environmental causes, universal healthcare and much more.  The New York Times has a disclaimer already posted with more information on the hoax that can be found here. An official Times spokesman said, “This is obviously a fake issue of The Times. We are in the process of finding out more about it.”




October 22, 2008

Let us all bow our heads and have a moment of silence for this momentous occasion.  Upper Playground, one of the Bay Area’s best exports, has finally landed in New York, by opening a location in the East Village.  Upper Playground is a store, clothing line, blog, gallery, activists, artist home amongst all other things awesome.  I would personally consider them the “Conglomerate of Cool”, yes that is my term, if you use it, you better source it. Ahem…hint hint.  We at Deviant Decorum have been a huge fans of U.P. for years now and is always a mandatory stop in our Bay Area travels, them and HUF of course.  How can you not love a place that uses a walrus are their mascot?  Their gallery, FIFTY24SF, has also been putting up some of the best shows for street artists for some time now and intertwining them with releases in their retail store.  You know all those David Choe, Mike Giant, Sam Flores, Estevan Oriol, Usugrow shirts that we rock and the faux streetwear kids always ask, “where did you get that shirt?” and we lie and tell them “Urban Outfitters”, well they came from Upper Playground.  Don’t worry, those kids probably don’t read this blog anyway, they are patiently awaiting the next set of orders from their supreme commander Kanye West on how to act like a prick.  Talented? … yes.  A Prick? …….. yes.  Talented And Not A Prick? …… Upper Playground.  Go to the store:

437 East 9th St.
New York, NY 10009
Everyday 11:00am-7:00pm


October 9, 2008

Breaking news and hot of the presses: Banksy, stencil art superhero and street art star, has been going big in NYC lately with three large murals, one just finished today on Houston and 6th Ave., by hiring sign painters COLOSSAL MEDIA, that depict his infamous rat characters.  But, this week, to no fanfare and red carpets, Banksy secretly opened The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill, on 7th Ave between Bleecker and West 4th Street, open everyday from 10am-Midnight.  This is Banksy’s first New York show and it not only artistically brilliant in the oh so tongue in cheek Bansky style, but it’s really really fun.  The pet store features a lounging Leopard in the front window, laying on a branch with tail moving.  Upon entering the store you see that the cat is actually a fur coat.  There’s fishsticks swimming in a fishbowl, chicken nuggets pecking at food, a monkey in a cage watching other primates ‘get busy’ on the Discovery channel.  There’s so much more as well, but I don’t want to give it all away, because experiencing it first hand is too much fun.  The best part of the store, IT’S FREE and you don’t have to be part of the art elite to go. All are welcome and being among kids and adults who aren’t in on “the secret” behind this place adds to the experience and makes it that much better.  This is Banksy’s first jump into animatronics and there’s no paintings hanging or graffiti murals on walls.  Just pure artistic fun.  Damn, we need more of that.  Here is a statement from the artist about the Pet Store:

“New Yorkers don’t care about art, they care about pets. So I’m exhibiting them instead. I wanted to make art that questioned our relationship with animals and the ethics and sustainability of factory farming, but it ended up as chicken nuggets singing. I took all the money I made exploiting an animal in my last show and used it to fund a new show about the exploitation of animals. If its art and you can see it from the street, I guess it could still be considered street art.”

Snapped some pics with a work camera on lunch break:


May 4, 2008

This week in NYC a commemorative mural was painted on Houston and Bowery in remembrance of legendary pop/street artist Keith Haring. This Sunday May 4th, would of been the artists 50th birthday and to honor him, Deitch Projects and the Keith Haring Foundation recreated a mural that was originally painted by Haring in the exact same spot in 1982. Due to photo archives and paint samples that were recovered by scraping away the layers on the wall until the original piece was found, the mural has been reproduced to the exact specifications to which Haring had painted it. The mural will remain on the wall until December 21st and will be officially unveiled this Sunday with a dedication ceremony.



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