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June 1, 2008

This may be old news to some but I still want to mention it, Marc Ecko, urban fashion icon and his new website Still Free took Guerilla Marketing to new levels by getting up on Air Force One. Not Air Force 1 like the shoe, but the actual plane that takes our “president” down to Texas so he can work on more important things, like his ranch. Yes, the video looks real and spawned an overwhelming amount of news coverage, but it was all a giant hoax. We got to give it up to the Ecko team for pulling this one off and garnering over 7,000 news stories. Marc Ecko has always been an advocate of graffiti with the nearly shut down Graffiti Block Party that he hosted along with numerous other causes. Check out the website for more explanations, the original video on the AF1 hit and other graffiti related matters. So this week, our flat brimmed salute is to you, Marc Ecko, for fooling the shit out of everybody and always getting the graff kids back.